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Our provincial and Federal governments have taken extreme measures to help contain the coronavirus. Our response as a church continues to be in support of those actions. We find ourselves in the midst of crisis and disruption because of COVID-19. This is a reality that has forced us to stop and not allowed us to continue with our every day normal lives. How does this affect the church? 

AW Tozer said, “Worshippers never leave church... we carry our sanctuary with us wherever we go.” Like never before that truth is something we need to press into. We are the church and though we are temporarily kept from meeting corporately we are never kept from God and opportunities to love others. AbbyFree, be the church.  

As was mentioned last Thursday, we are evaluating from week to week on how to proceed. The Elders along with the Prayer & Care team met on Monday evening to talk about how to respond now to the current situation as it is. It seems that this situation may last longer than we hoped. Here are some of the things we discussed and you need to know:

  • We’ve decided that we will postpone corporate worship until Easter at which point we will reassess.  We are asking that everyone stay home if you don’t need to be out and so all ministries at this point are on hold until further notice. We will post a video for worship on Sunday morning so that you can gather with your family and worship with the rest of the church online. We’ll meet you at our website Sunday at 10AM. We are also exploring ways to get our Marriage 101 course, that Dr. Johanna Campbell is teaching, online in an interactive way for you. Look for more information about this in the days to come.  
  • We have initiated a special ‘care caller’ ministry for people to stay connected. Everyone in the church will be receiving pastoral calls by the Prayer and Care team and the Elders at least once a week for encouragement and prayer. We would also like to hear of any needs you may have we could help with. We have people who can do some shopping or make some meals if that is needed.  
  • As you are in self-isolation and shut-in we encourage you to use this time to your spiritual benefit.  Take extra time in prayer and in God’s word. Don’t let fear grip your heart. Lean on God and care for each other.   Also, please help one another, keep in contact with each other through social media or phone and be attentive to the needs of others.  If there is a need that you become aware of and are not able to help meet it, please contact Pastor Randy.  
  • Finally, we want to encourage you to continue tithing. Please remember our benevolent fund as well so we can continue helping people with special need. There are three ways that you can give to the church: 

    The simplest way to give is on our website. Click GIVE at the top right of AbbyFree’s secure website,, to give a one-time gift or to set up recurring automatic giving.  Note:  This donation is completely secure and the church does pay a small fee for CanadaHelps to process these donations.

    Auto Withdrawal
    You could also set up an automatic withdrawal from your account. All you need to do is complete the form found on our website under GIVE and place in box #24 at the church, or forward to Nancy Charlton at [email protected] If you cannot access the website and would like a form contact Pastor Randy. If you are sending the form digitally, please send an image of a blank cheque or provide details of your bank’s transit number, institution number, and account number.

    Write A Cheque
    If you wish to write a cheque please include your individual giving # if you know it. There are two ways to get your cheque to us:
  • Place it in the church mailbox between Tuesday and Friday’s each week
  • Mail it to the church:  Abbotsford Evangelical Free Church, 33218 Marshall Rd, Abbotsford, BC, V2S 1K5. Cheques mailed to the church will be cashed weekly.   


The church office phone is not being monitored regularly right now, so the best way to reach the church office is to contact Pastor Randy:   [email protected] or call/text to (604) 308-4535  

AbbyFree keep checking our website and Facebook page for updates, keep helping one another, keep praying for each other and keep vigilant in the Word of God.